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Professional Packing From Experienced Moving Experts

Posted by on Sep 5, 2018 in Moving Company |

Depending on your current status, in New York the need for professional packing services varies from person to person, household to household and then business to business. For a college student, you can decide to do it all alone or get a large moving company like 5 Stars Movers to bundle up your belongings with that of other customers. This could get you some interesting amount of savings.

As a family, your packing needs will be dependent on the size of your properties. When your kids are still tender and the properties to be moved are relatively large, you may need to get professional packing help from experienced experts. On the contrary, when your children are relatively older, you could use their strength in the packing and then request the services of a licensed moving company.

Trusted Mover in New York, NY

For businesses, it is always a good business decision to get professional help from a company that will handle everything from packing to transit and unpacking. Doing so will ensure that the whole moving process will be started and completed within the schedule. Thus, the best first decision is always to start early.

The other important factor you need to consider is the dis-assembling and re-assembling of some special properties before and after the move. Getting expert help from experienced professionals who have handled the types of office furniture, machinery or equipment you use will save you from the risk of expensive damage. Though a lot of companies claim to have insurance coverage in this regard, you have to verify this before making any financial commitment or handing over your valuable assets.

Getting a cheap moving quote online in New York is easy, but knowing exactly what you are bargaining for is quite a different story. This is why we do send our experts to your home or office for full assessment of your packing, moving and unpacking needs before making a custom quote.

Moreover, in order to avoid long time-consuming claims and possible litigations that arise as a result of unexpected damages, it is better to leave the job to the experts. One reason why this is important is that these guys know better in terms of moving equipment and materials that suit your properties. So that during the packing, moving and unpacking stages you’ll have peace of mind in the fact that your belongings are handled with utmost safety measures. This becomes highly important when you want to move precious belongings like piano, artworks, professional records, and certificates. So before you chose a moving company, make it a priority to ask them the following questions –

  • Is your moving company licensed and insured

  • What would happen in the event of unexpected damage

  • How would I be charged, long distance moving rates always differ

  • Is a deposit required, take precaution before you make a commitment

  • Do you work with temp staff or permanent employees, temp staffing in this field is a risky signal

Take note of the answers you receive based on these few questions. You can decide to ask two or more moving companies the same questions and compare the answers you get.

Finally, if you are ready right now we invite you to start an early moving plan with a custom quote.


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How To Deliver Puppies Successfully

Posted by on Dec 1, 2018 in Moving Company |

A video tutorial on How To Deliver Puppies Successfully that will improve your dogs skills. Learn how to get good at dogs from Videojug’s hand-picked professionals.

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Things You Should Know About U-Haul Before Renting a Truck

Posted by on Nov 16, 2018 in Moving Company | DIY moving is a great option for moving on a budget. If you’re thinking about using a truck rental service for a cheap way to move your items cross country, consider some of the topics in this video before reserving a rental truck:

-truck rental reservations
-rental truck gas mileage
-specific requirements and safety info for driving a rental

and other details you need to know. For more info, check out the blog post, too!

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5 Things You Need To Know BEFORE You Hire Contracted Moving Labor

Posted by on Nov 1, 2018 in Moving Company |

Here is a list of 5 things that I have learned about hiring contracted moving labor to help me with my loads that I think you should know before you hire contracted labor too.

But before we start let tell you this: I have extremely pleased with the help that I have been given. Thus far I have gotten only the best service and the men that I used are tremendous.

But there are something things that you need to know about using contracted moving help that will make your experience and theirs so much better.



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TIPS | MOVING pregnant with a toddler!

Posted by on Oct 2, 2018 in Moving Company |

TIPS | MOVING pregnant with a toddler!

Tip #1: Don’t do what I did! 😉 Hopefully these tips for moving will help, including what order to pack and the best moving boxes EVER. Subscribe for ever Wednesday videos!!


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What to Expect on Moving Day & Delivery | Moving Tips from Allied

Posted by on Oct 2, 2018 in Moving Company |

What to Expect on Moving Day & Delivery | Moving Tips from Allied

The Moving Experience: What to Expect on Moving Day
If you’ve never moved before how do you know what to expect? In this video we will answer your moving questions in a quick seven step outline of what will take place on your moving day.
Moving Day Step 1: The moving company should notify you weeks in advance of when they will arrive
Moving Day Step 2: The moving company will compile a written inventory of all your belongings and their condition before packing
Moving Day Step 3: Packers will move quickly to group each of your items together for packing and will use different boxes to do so.
Moving Day Step 4: Movers will start to determine what the best order is to load each of your items
Moving Day Step 5: The movers will ahve a technique to packing furniture and large or unique items
Moving Day Step 6: To make sure items don’t shift during transport, the moving crew will load items into the truck in a specific order and organization
Moving Day Step 7: At the end of the day, when loading is complete, the moving crew will present you with a document call the bill of lading