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Professional Packing From Experienced Moving Experts

Posted by on Sep 5, 2018 in Moving Company |

Depending on your current status, in New York the need for professional packing services varies from person to person, household to household and then business to business. For a college student, you can decide to do it all alone or get a large moving company like 5 Stars Movers to bundle up your belongings with that of other customers. This could get you some interesting amount of savings.

As a family, your packing needs will be dependent on the size of your properties. When your kids are still tender and the properties to be moved are relatively large, you may need to get professional packing help from experienced experts. On the contrary, when your children are relatively older, you could use their strength in the packing and then request the services of a licensed moving company.

Trusted Mover in New York, NY

For businesses, it is always a good business decision to get professional help from a company that will handle everything from packing to transit and unpacking. Doing so will ensure that the whole moving process will be started and completed within the schedule. Thus, the best first decision is always to start early.

The other important factor you need to consider is the dis-assembling and re-assembling of some special properties before and after the move. Getting expert help from experienced professionals who have handled the types of office furniture, machinery or equipment you use will save you from the risk of expensive damage. Though a lot of companies claim to have insurance coverage in this regard, you have to verify this before making any financial commitment or handing over your valuable assets.

Getting a cheap moving quote online in New York is easy, but knowing exactly what you are bargaining for is quite a different story. This is why we do send our experts to your home or office for full assessment of your packing, moving and unpacking needs before making a custom quote.

Moreover, in order to avoid long time-consuming claims and possible litigations that arise as a result of unexpected damages, it is better to leave the job to the experts. One reason why this is important is that these guys know better in terms of moving equipment and materials that suit your properties. So that during the packing, moving and unpacking stages you’ll have peace of mind in the fact that your belongings are handled with utmost safety measures. This becomes highly important when you want to move precious belongings like piano, artworks, professional records, and certificates. So before you chose a moving company, make it a priority to ask them the following questions –

  • Is your moving company licensed and insured

  • What would happen in the event of unexpected damage

  • How would I be charged, long distance moving rates always differ

  • Is a deposit required, take precaution before you make a commitment

  • Do you work with temp staff or permanent employees, temp staffing in this field is a risky signal

Take note of the answers you receive based on these few questions. You can decide to ask two or more moving companies the same questions and compare the answers you get.

Finally, if you are ready right now we invite you to start an early moving plan with a custom quote.


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Moving a Big 500-Gallon Tank with Rico's Aquariums

Posted by on Mar 16, 2019 in Moving Company |

The joys of moving a big tank into the basement of my friend Rico’s Aquarium. Have you moved big tanks? What are some good tips you can share?

#tidalgardens #fishtank #aquarium

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One-Way Truck Rental: What You Should Know

Posted by on Mar 1, 2019 in Moving Company | If you’re thinking about renting a truck for your cross country move, consider the details before you hit the road. Learn about one-way truck rental in this video:

-reservation details
-gas mileage info
-related costs
-alternative moving options

and more! Plus, check out our truck rental fuel calculator in the link above to help you determine the cost of gas when driving a rental truck.

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Moving Papers & Terminology | Moving Tips from Allied

Posted by on Feb 14, 2019 in Moving Company |

Moving terminology can be confusing to those who aren’t in the industry and can be especially frustrating when given all of these documents to sift through and sign. In this video we will walk you through some common terms such as Estimates, Order for Services, Bill of Lading and Customer Check off Sheet that you will encounter when presented with moving papers, as well as outline a couple of other terms to keep in mind when working with a moving company.

Minneapolis Movers; Learn moving tips and get pricing from the top Minneapolis movers, AAA Movers!

Posted by on Jan 15, 2019 in Moving Company | Get pricing now from AAA Movers, the top mover in Minneapolis and Minnesota for over forty years.

Depend on AAA Movers in Minneapolis, MN to address all your residential moving needs:
-Personalized consultations and move planning with one of our certified moving specialists
-Packing and unpacking with the utmost care for your belongings
-On-time, professional moving using the largest local fleet of new vehicles
-Expert care for your largest or most fragile specialty items
-Secure climate controlled storage available
-Ability to handle moves of all sizes and complexity
-Licensed, bonded and insured
-Competitive pricing

AAA Movers is known for our professional-certified staff, great service from start to finish, and the ability to handle any moving challenges you may have. A local Minnesota company since 1964, we are fully licensed and insured, with decades of experience that we can pass on to you. We look forward to working with you and helping ease the process of moving. At AAA Movers, the most important thing we deliver is peace of mind, one box at a time.


Posted by on Dec 31, 2018 in Moving Company |

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The stages of normal labour are as follows :

Stage 1 : which lasts for12- 19 hours. During this stage,the baby descends lower into the pelvis,with the cervix effacing and dilating.

Contractions become stronger and more regular,occurring every 5-20 min,resulting in persistent lower back pain and cramping.

The mucus plug at the opening of the cervix falls out,which is seen as a brownish or reddish discharge.

The water also breaks during this stage,which could be in the form of a large gush of fluid, or a trickle.

Any of these complaints necessitates the transfer of the patient to the labour room.

Stage 2 : The second stage of labour lasts for 20min – 2 hours.

The cervix is fully dilated to about 10 cm,with the baby’s head moving beyond the cervical opening , into the birth canal.

The mother is encouraged to push during contractions,and rest in between them.

In a normal delivery, the head rotates to face the mother’s back.

During active labour,the uterus is divided into an active segment which contracts,to push the baby downwards,
and a passive segment ,which relaxes and stretches, to create space for the baby to pass through.

The appearance of the top of the baby’s head, is known as crowning. An episiotomy can be performed at this stage,which is an incision in the midline or mediolateral to it,to increase the vaginal opening,for the delivery of the baby.

With the mother pushing during contractions, the baby’s head elongates, during its passage through the birth canal.This elongation of the head, will eventually resolve a few days after birth,with the skull bones shifting back to their original positions.

After the baby’s head exits the birth canal, the head and shoulders begin to rotate,to help the shoulders pass through the birth canal.The baby’s shoulders are delivered one after the other,in order to fit through the mother’s pelvis.

Once the shoulders emerge through the birth canal,the rest of the baby slides out easily.

After the baby is born,the umbilical cord is then cut,by the doctor or midwife.

Stage 3 : This is the final stage of normal labour, during which mild contractions push the placenta out of the uterus.
Mother and child bonding is also encouraged during this stage, through skin contact and breast-feeding.