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Professional Packing From Experienced Moving Experts

Posted by on Sep 5, 2018 in Moving Company |

Depending on your current status, in New York the need for professional packing services varies from person to person, household to household and then business to business. For a college student, you can decide to do it all alone or get a large moving company like 5 Stars Movers to bundle up your belongings with that of other customers. This could get you some interesting amount of savings.

As a family, your packing needs will be dependent on the size of your properties. When your kids are still tender and the properties to be moved are relatively large, you may need to get professional packing help from experienced experts. On the contrary, when your children are relatively older, you could use their strength in the packing and then request the services of a licensed moving company.

Trusted Mover in New York, NY

For businesses, it is always a good business decision to get professional help from a company that will handle everything from packing to transit and unpacking. Doing so will ensure that the whole moving process will be started and completed within the schedule. Thus, the best first decision is always to start early.

The other important factor you need to consider is the dis-assembling and re-assembling of some special properties before and after the move. Getting expert help from experienced professionals who have handled the types of office furniture, machinery or equipment you use will save you from the risk of expensive damage. Though a lot of companies claim to have insurance coverage in this regard, you have to verify this before making any financial commitment or handing over your valuable assets.

Getting a cheap moving quote online in New York is easy, but knowing exactly what you are bargaining for is quite a different story. This is why we do send our experts to your home or office for full assessment of your packing, moving and unpacking needs before making a custom quote.

Moreover, in order to avoid long time-consuming claims and possible litigations that arise as a result of unexpected damages, it is better to leave the job to the experts. One reason why this is important is that these guys know better in terms of moving equipment and materials that suit your properties. So that during the packing, moving and unpacking stages you’ll have peace of mind in the fact that your belongings are handled with utmost safety measures. This becomes highly important when you want to move precious belongings like piano, artworks, professional records, and certificates. So before you chose a moving company, make it a priority to ask them the following questions –

  • Is your moving company licensed and insured

  • What would happen in the event of unexpected damage

  • How would I be charged, long distance moving rates always differ

  • Is a deposit required, take precaution before you make a commitment

  • Do you work with temp staff or permanent employees, temp staffing in this field is a risky signal

Take note of the answers you receive based on these few questions. You can decide to ask two or more moving companies the same questions and compare the answers you get.

Finally, if you are ready right now we invite you to start an early moving plan with a custom quote.


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16 Stress Free Moving Hacks and Packing Tips Everyone Needs!!

Posted by on Jan 20, 2020 in Moving Company |

New year, new house? Let us help you! Here are our top 16 stress free moving hacks and packing tips everyone needs! We’ll teach you how to pack efficiently, save space, and make sure your fragile items survive the move! Let us know what your favorite packing hack is in the comments below!!

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Questions To Consider When Bringing A Birth Injury Case

Posted by on Jan 13, 2020 in Moving Company |

I recently had a parent have a hard time understanding why I could not give them an answer right away as to whether their baby’s injury was due to something the doctors and nurses may or may not have done the right way. As I began to explain what needs to happen during the investigation into cases like this, the parent started to have a better understanding of the issues. Understanding some of the questions to consider when bringing a birth injury case can help you get a feel as to why a birth injury attorney is doing certain things during the initial investigation into the case.

At the conclusion of my article you should have a better idea as to the some of the questions to consider when bringing a birth injury case and why an initial investigation into the facts and circumstances is a good way to go with things.


Talking to the parents about their experience can be helpful with an investigation into whether medical malpractice is the underlying cause of a baby’s birth injury. These questions will be presented to you because a birth trauma attorney will look to get the foundation questions answered initially. These questions can deal with things like what was mom’s pregnancy experience? Where things like gestational diabetes an issue? What about preeclampsia? Did mom make all the visits to the doctor? These questions, and many more are important questions to consider when bringing a birth injury case.

A birth injury attorney will also want to know certain things during labor and delivery. For example, was meconium present when your water broke? Also, what were the readings on the fetal heart monitor? Did the doctors and nurses have to constantly roll mom over, and/or give oxygen? If a shoulder dystocia condition was present, what steps did the doctor perform to free the baby?

Finally, when the baby was born, what did the parents notice? Was the baby blue in color? What were the baby’s APGAR scores? If meconium was present in the fluid, did it find its way below the “cords?” Lastly, was the baby taken to the NICU for hypothermia cooling? All the above questions, and more, help fill in the picture associated with a birth injury investigation.


The above questions are used, along with the medical records, to get an opinion from the necessary medical experts. Under Maryland law these experts are mandatory because they will explain the standard of care. Not only will they explain the standard of care, experts will state whether there was a departure from the standard which caused the injury. So, for example, you may need an expert OB, and an expert labor and delivery nurse, among others.

If these experts conclude that there was no breach in the standard of care, or causation, then you will not be successful with your case. With all of these moving parts, hopefully you can see why a birth injury attorney will more than likely not be able to give you a conclusive answer as to whether your baby’s birth injury was caused by a doctor and/or nurse during your initial consultation.


To speak with me about an investigation into the facts surrounding your baby’s birth injury pick up the phone and call me. I talk with families when their baby has a cerebral palsy diagnosis, a hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) diagnosis, shoulder dystocia, etc.… You can call me at 301-850-4832. I talk with families all the time about birth trauma related injuries and I would be happy to listen to your story.

Marcus B. Boston, Esq.
Boston Law Group, LLC
2 Wisconsin Circle, Suite 700
Chevy Chase, Maryland 20815
1-833-4 BABY HELP

Moving Long Distance: How It Works

Posted by on Jan 6, 2020 in Moving Company | Moving long distance is quite a bit different than moving across town! Learn how it works, what you need to know about moving out of state, and more about U-Pack options in this video.

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My Top 5 TIPS and tricks for MOVING!!

Posted by on Dec 30, 2019 in Moving Company |

Top 5 TIPS and tricks for MOVING!!
Time stamps below:
0:50 Declutter and remove
3:15 groupings
5:15 color codings
5:47 labeling
9:29 the no-pack room

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OUR MOVE HAS BEGUN!! | Moving Hacks + Tips

Posted by on Dec 23, 2019 in Moving Company |

OUR MOVE HAS BEGUN! | Moving Hacks + Tips

*Thank you to Simplify Valet Storage for partnering on part of this video.

Hi everyone, so our move has begun!! Can’t believe the time is here! I’m showing you our progress so far in this video + 4 moving hacks which have really helped us & made everything quite stress-free so far. Definitely let me know in the comments if you have any more tips?? Hope you enjoy! Erika xx

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3 Simple Steps for Smooth and Successful Furniture Delivery | Pottery Barn

Posted by on Dec 16, 2019 in Moving Company |

This Pottery Barn video gives you tips and ideas to prepare for a successful furniture delivery. Follow these three simple steps and make moving and shifting furniture easy and convenient.

The first step to prepare for a successful furniture delivery is to measure your space. Select a space in the room where you want the furniture to be placed. Use painter’s tape to mark out the exact dimensions on the floor. Another good idea is to create a floor planner using an online room planner tool available on the Pottery Barn website.

Next, measure furniture to determine the dimensions of the piece you plan to bring home. To measure furniture in the correct manner, take the help of Pottery Barn’s comprehensive furniture guide. This guide features the height, width, depth and diagonal dimensions of each upholstered piece available in the Pottery Barn Collection.

The third step for smooth furniture delivery is to measure the dimensions of all doorways, passages and stairwells. Precisely measure the interior height and width of every staircase, doorway, elevator and hall way that the piece of furniture will pass through. Take into consideration architectural details and low hanging fixtures when jotting down the measurements. Check the diagonal depth of your piece in the dimensions guide and measure furniture. See to it that the measurements of all these spaces are greater than the dimension of your furniture piece.

For questions or concerns, call 18887795176. This Pottery Barn 24-hour helpline entertains calls 7 days a week. Measure carefully as Pottery Barn will not be responsible for items that do not fit into your home.

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