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Posted by on Dec 16, 2019 in Moving Company |

3 Simple Steps for Smooth and Successful Furniture Delivery | Pottery Barn

3 Simple Steps for Smooth and Successful Furniture Delivery | Pottery Barn

This Pottery Barn video gives you tips and ideas to prepare for a successful furniture delivery. Follow these three simple steps and make moving and shifting furniture easy and convenient.

The first step to prepare for a successful furniture delivery is to measure your space. Select a space in the room where you want the furniture to be placed. Use painter’s tape to mark out the exact dimensions on the floor. Another good idea is to create a floor planner using an online room planner tool available on the Pottery Barn website.

Next, measure furniture to determine the dimensions of the piece you plan to bring home. To measure furniture in the correct manner, take the help of Pottery Barn’s comprehensive furniture guide. This guide features the height, width, depth and diagonal dimensions of each upholstered piece available in the Pottery Barn Collection.

The third step for smooth furniture delivery is to measure the dimensions of all doorways, passages and stairwells. Precisely measure the interior height and width of every staircase, doorway, elevator and hall way that the piece of furniture will pass through. Take into consideration architectural details and low hanging fixtures when jotting down the measurements. Check the diagonal depth of your piece in the dimensions guide and measure furniture. See to it that the measurements of all these spaces are greater than the dimension of your furniture piece.

For questions or concerns, call 18887795176. This Pottery Barn 24-hour helpline entertains calls 7 days a week. Measure carefully as Pottery Barn will not be responsible for items that do not fit into your home.

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